Discovering Ghent by boat is a unique way for students to learn more about the city or as a fun interlude during a school trip.

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School groups > 20 persons

Price per person (per 15 pupils : 1 companion free)
3 – 12 years €5.00 p.p.
12 – 18 years €5.50 p.p.
-25 years €7.00 p.p.

School groups < 20 persons

Minimum amount
3 – 12 years €100.00
12 – 18 years €110.00
-25 years €140.00

The medieval centre of Ghent - 50 min

50 minutes

Guided boat trip

trip.spoken languages Dutch , French , English , German

An enthralling tour along the waterways of the medieval centre of Ghent with its array of monuments:

  • St Bavo’s Cathedral, the Belfry and St Nicholas’ Church

  • Old guildhalls of boatmen, masons, grain measurers fishmongers, hagbutters, etc.

  • The Castle of the Counts and the Princes’ Court

  • The old Fish market facing the even older Meat Hall

  • The more than solid 13th-century Monasteries previously occupied by Augustinians and Dominicans

  • The Ancient Port of Ghent with its quay walls and mercantile houses, never too far away of shady inns packed with girls of easy virtue, etc.

You sail on the river Leie and the Lieve canal until the Rabot towers.

Boarding and disembarking is possible at various places!

A different embarkation/disembarkation point is also possible. In that case, you combine a city tour with a tailor-made taxi ride. Price enquiries can be made by e-mail or telephone.