Discovering Ghent by boat is a unique way for students to learn more about the city or as a fun interlude during a school trip.

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School groups > 20 persons

Price per person (per 15 pupils : 1 companion free)
3 – 12 years €8.75 p.p.
12 – 18 years €9.75 p.p.
-25 years €10.75 p.p.

School groups < 20 persons

Minimum amount
3 – 12 years €175.00
12 – 18 years €195.00
-25 years €215.00

Ghent completely - 90 min

90 minutes

Guided boat trip

trip.spoken languages Dutch , French , English

Unique: 1000 years of architecture and stories! A fun and thorough historical exploration of the entire city.

This tour offers a surprisingly large number of sights:

  • St Bavo’s Cathedral, the Belfry and St Nicholas’ Church

  • Old guildhalls of boatmen, masons, grain measurers, fishmongers, hagbutters, etc.

  • The Castle of the Counts, the Princes’ Court and the Rabot

  • The old Fish market facing the even older Meat Hall

  • The more than solid 13th-century Monasteries previously occupied by Augustinians and Dominicans

  • The Ancient Port of Ghent with its mercantile houses, etc.

  • The picturesque teahouses opposite the scenic marina

  • The old Law Courts of Ghent, the Opera, the Handelsbeur concert hall

  • The Krook

  • Going through the tunnels under the Laurentplein

  • The Castle of Gerald the Devil and the Episcopal Palace

  • The Nederschelde, alongside the Reep, until the Scaldis water lock